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PT. Depriwangga Engineering is a wholly Indonesian owned company that specialized in the Engineering Services in the Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries. Supported by dynamic and highly qualified professionals graduated from the recognized Universities with a good working knowledge and professional experiences in the Engineering Technology, and Quality Management System.
In the beginning, one of PT. Depriwangga’s Clients gave an opportunity to execute a job from engineering sector. Therefore, engineering became a separated department in PT.Depriwangga. Since August 2008, Engineering Department has it own business entity named PT. Depriwangga Engineering.
PT. Depriwangga Engineering’s reputation as a profesionally honest company is based on its responsive, personal focus on clients and our commitment to put quality beyond the other concern. This commitment has put us more than one step ahead in achieving Clients satisfaction.
PT. Depriwangga Engineering provides the appropriate support for each project. Our services are tailored specifically to each client’s needs, ranging from process & safety, analysis to problem-solving and consulting.  We always consistent with the company’s strong professional standards and ethic.

Conceptual Design


Option Identification


Screening Studies


Preliminary Routing & Site Investigation


Field Development


To be the leading Oil, Gas & Chemical Engineering Consultant in Indonesia.


  • To Place in mind that the customer is the one who pay our Salary
  • To place the customer beyond the other concern
  • Increasethe technical Capability
  • Always achieve the service delivery Schedule
  • Commited to the quality concept Professionalism and System Complience

Our Team

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

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