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Conceptual Engineering & Design Services

PT. Depriwangga Engineering undertakes feasibility studies to establish the feasibility of projects with meet the technical scope, operational flexibility and economic viability. At PT. Depriwangga Engineering, we recognize the importance of such studies and possess the required multi-discipline domain expertise to undertake such activities for root projects as well as the revamping of existing plants.

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The Basic Engineering services offered by PT. Depriwangga Engineering consist of core documentation of projects, including process flow diagrams, heat & mass balances, P&ID, control & operational philosophy, basic equipment sizing, equipment specifications and conceptual equipment layout, etc. PT. Depriwangga Engineering is well equipped with a large range of the latest industry standard design automation software tools for engineering calculations, simulation, modeling and computer aided designing.

Project Management Services

Project Management System PT. Depriwangga Enginering

ME Engineering

Mechanical Engineering PT. Depriwangga Engineering

Process & Safety Engineering

Process & Safety Engineering PT. Depriwangga Engineering

Instrument Engineering

Instrument Engineering PT. Depriwangga Engineering

Civil/Structure Engineering

Civil/Structure Engineering PT. Depriwangga Engineering

Piping & Pipe Line Engineering

Piping & Pipe Line Engineering PT. Depriwangga Engineering